Friday, September 15, 2017

Evaluating Oneself

"What's your speech rating - 85%?"

I asked my friends about this.
(Assuming, of course, that I would continue to improve over the months ahead.)

Sarah Daum, a long-time resident of Claremont and speech therapist -"compared to the people I regularly visit, a phi beta kappa!"

Kim Davidson - "maybe 90% when you are not tired. Maybe 80% when tired" - a long-time PNP associate.

Judy Miles, former chair of the philosopy department, 85%. She indicated that my speech-forms were coming back.

Krista and Jim-"maybe 80%."

Barbara Shelley-"maybe 70%, but within the next months, 100%"

That's well and good.


Writing notes  is slow. I'm increasing the speed, but right now, it"s tight.

How are you in emergencies?

In emergencies. a special enzyme kicks in and I'm toast!
I'm not getting better, but it is a timing feature.
I relax and then I am with it again!

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