Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Deal

In November of 2016, I had a stroke. A major bleed in the brain. Since then, I have undergone intensive rehab at Casa Colina for speech, occupational, and physical therapy.

To help support my rehab, I also explored additional therapies, including neurofeedback. I use it to retrain my brain at peak efficiency (well, what I think is peak efficiency!).

At a recent session, I experienced an amazing surge in my speech fluency. This shift was temporary but was very encouraging. It is possible that we can repeat this shift, in such a way that my brain can maintain it.

The  focus has been on multiple sessions in a row, which I haven't able to afford. Devin, my neurofeedback tech, has made me an gracious offer to help offset the cost. For every one who tries a session, I get a free session. You try it, I get a free session.

I'd like to do five sessions in a row. This would create the "shift" I'm hoping for.

To participate, contact Devin Lockett at 424-204-2382 or send to Stop by his place on Foothill and Mountain in Upland. You will receive a full one-hour session at a discount rate of $80 (vs. $120).

(If you don't  want a biofeedback session, but want to support me, that's possible too! Just call Devin.)

Let's shoot for making this happen before September.

As a CSBG member, you'll want to focus on the athlete, not what particularly affects me.
Benefits that you may receive include

  • improved attention and focus
  • increased mental clarity and stamina

You might want to begin with  a decrease in the cognitive rate of decline with aging.
Feel free to have Devin help you!